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The  book club is now reading "Resisting Happiness"by Matthew Kelly.  This popular book  is an inspiring , transparent look at why we sabotage our own happiness and what to do about it in order to become - the best version of ourselves, living with passion and purpose!

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                        What is   the Catholicism?   

Learn about the Catholic  faith as you have never known it before through  the  words and  experiences from  with  Bishop Barron.  You will be overwhelmed with the beauty in each of the 10 DVD  in the series.

Catholicism   explains not only what Catholics believe and why, but also displays in breathtaking,  musical, and visual detail the richness of the Church's global culture.   -We will travel around the world without leaving Atco  to see our  Faith in the depths of its beliefs and practices.   Perhaps  another name for this series is Around the Catholic World  with Bishop Barron!! a little humor!  This is the right time  for  Christ the Redeemer parish  to begin  the  "Journey  with Bishop Barron".  Keep update to date on this website  or church bulletin  in   2018  presentations of the series.

 If you are interested in viewing the series in the privacy of your home with family and friends, contact


  St Rita Intercessors Prayer Group Meeting Dates: 


March 22, 2018                 7:00PM                               St. Lucy’s Chapel – Assumption Church

April 22, 2018                    10:15AM                             St. Lucy’s Chapel – Assumption Church

May 22, 2018                    7:00PM                               Assumption Church – Mass honoring St. Rita’s Feast Day